A Guide On What Every Men’s Underwear Mean To You

For men, when it comes to go for shopping underwear it seems like they are going on a war mission, but not only buying a men’s underwear has become more simpler as any men can master it all you need to answer just one question: boxers or briefs? Today a wide range of styles are available in the market each catering various types of fabric, design and attributes. So it is pretty much important you need to figure out what’s right for you.

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So below are some styles of men’s underwear which are broken down to show what it means for you.


A lot of guys prefer wearing a pair of briefs as they cover up the entire backside and package and they are so comfortable that you can wear them under anything. They are ideal for men who prefer keeping everything just in one place. A well made brief tend to provide a much needed lift. Today briefs are found to be offering low, medium and high-rise.

Boxer Briefs

Basically a traditional boxer brief covers around half of your thigh, but boxer briefs available today cover almost a third part of the thigh. They provide vital protection from chaffing during sports and workouts. They are often made with a moderate rise on the waist. Boxer briefs basically provide the same amount of support as provided by a traditional brief.


They are loose in fitting and provide no support, but cater one plus point i.e they consist more breathability compared to other styles of underwear. A lot of boxers consist of an open fly which allows the users an exit route. They come in a large number of variations, right from the ones associated with your grandfather, to tender, slim cuts.


Trunks have now become a hot favorite underwear among the men. Do you know why? A trunk is a hybrid of boxer brief and brief but without any heap of the fabric. If you are a fan of briefs but wish to try something bit different, then you should have  ago at the trunks.


This type of underwear provides full frontal support and protection, it doesn’t provide fabric for covering the backside. They often provide a lift up and away from the body, which results in a much cooler and dryer experience. The pouch is harnessed with two leg bands which fall to the side of the glutes which are on the upper tight and then they connect between the legs right to the underside of the pouch. In some jockstraps you can also insert cups if you require some protection during activities like sparring and martial arts.

Every body type is different so it is likely that not every style of underwear will suit you. So it is pretty much important that firstly you figure out your body type and then choose an underwear which goes well with your body type. Doing this can help you find a perfect pair of underwear.